WELCOME to Phoenix Security Services online reporting page. With this Green Friendly software Phoenix Security Services personnel in the field can receive and respond to security, maintenance and parking related issues by the use of a small mobile Android device or Tablet.

MULTI - FAMILY - COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE is accessible 24/7 to any of our client's users with Internet access.

DAILY ACTIVITY REPORTS - web based reporting software eliminates the need for paper reports, dramatically reducing the amount of paper needed to run our business.

SPECIAL FEATURES REPORTS - clients can receive daily, automated e-mails with the report data that you need most-attached with time stamped photo's, video's and recorded waive files. This will save you time having to log in and find this information. We can monitor the important issues and send them to you automatically.

EDIT NOTIFICATION FEATURE - Tracks and analyzes emergency service request reported in the field by a guard or web user by the exact issue type address or employee. This feature will send any selected notification issue designated by management to any authorized user directly to their PDA for instant notification so they can view the reported issue in detail.

TASK NOTIFICATION FEATURE - system generated service call to remind personnel of specific duties and responsibilities. Allows us to schedule for any day of the week and specific reporting times.

GPS FEATURE - system allows us to track and view every recorded incident and position of on site security officers. Color-coded positioning balloons track recorded incidents that detail the issue with time stamped photos taken at the reported incident.

You will find that our system enables us to easily track, recognize and reward our employees for their performance giving them greater job satisfaction. All this information is received in real-time and tracked through the online “Issue Monitor”. All clients of Phoenix Security Services now have the capability to view the online.

I would like to thank you for spending time with me to view the program. If you would like a live presentation in real time, please fee free to contact our sales representative.

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